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09.03.15 – Bitcoin – Weekly Preview

Price at Bitfinex testing temporary resistance | Daily time interval On the long side: Since 04.03.15, $283 has been tested three times, establishing a temporary resistance point (orange dashed line). A strong confirmation is required for a healthy long signal, as there is significant end expanding resistance above this level. Although, last week managed a […]

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23.02.15 – Bitcoin – Weekly Preview

Price at Bitfinex below 50MA | Daily time interval Following yesterday’s sharp decline, up to the time of writing, today’s price action has been illustrated by a possible hammer candlestick pattern. In general, hammer candlesticks usually signal a reversal. The lower point of the long lower shadow implies that selling pressure drove prices lower, however, […]

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16.02.15 – Bitcoin – Commentary

Bitfinex | 4HR time interval Market action on 15.02.15 provided a perfect example of why traders must follow a strict mentality than spend their time chasing tops/bottoms or reading irrelevant news. Early in the morning, overall marketplace was on a buying frenzy mode and the infamous “to the moon” phrase was used for no apparent […]

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26.01.15 – Bitcoin – Weekly Preview

Price at Bitfinex testing temporary support | Daily time interval *Market is moving quickly in both directions – Report has already been changed twice prior to publishing* Very strong overnight action managed to pierce through all key resistance levels. However, parabolic moves tend to fizzle unexpectedly. Time will tell if this is an exception. On […]

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